Holiday today = Me = super LAZY!

Hmmm…You ever had that feeling where you had to do something very important, not urgent, but just important but you seem to take your time in deciding if you really should do it? Well I’m in that situation now. I need to do some big time updates on my posts, including a recent trip that […]

The Extreme North Adventure: Travelling to Ilocos

We arrived at the Manila International Airport Terminal 3 at around 6:30pm. After we got our baggage, we headed to the nearest exit to get a cab and head to the Partas Terminal in Pasay. The weird thing is that this terminal is not far from the airport. I didn’t know this one till I […]

My Chirstmas Present

I may be off to the northern part of the country during the last days of the year. I’m planning to go on a backpacking adventure to Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur. On top of my must-see list would be the Bangui Windmills and Vigan. I can’t wait to go! I deserve to have my […]

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