Selecta’s Berry Strawberry Ice Cream on a Starbucks Coffee Mug

You might be wondering how Selecta’s Berry Strawberry Ice Cream landed on a Starbucks Coffee mug instead of the usual Starbucks coffee or any regular coffee, right? Well you see, I have been cleaning my room for the past 16 hours and since it’s past my bedtime, I decided to find something to munch to […]

I scream Ice Cream!

With the heat of the summer, I won’t be surprised if I can eat a dozen of Selecta’s Cookies and Cream! I was already eating ice cream for breakfast after getting off work last Saturday morning. And I realized that I liked Cookies and Cream better than the Super Chocolate┬á flavor. ­čść


Want some? Amaretto red and black cherries wena waiting for me to finish my order “ugghh” Waaaaah…I so wanna go back and order all the flavors!

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