"I Will Run to You"

by Hillsong Your eye is on the sparrow And Your hand, it comforts me From the ends of the Earth to the depth of my heart Let Your mercy and strength be seen You call me to Your purpose As angels understand For Your glory, may You draw all men As Your love and grace […]

"You are my Strength"

by Hillsong You are my strength Strength like no other Strength like no other Reaches to me You are my hope Hope like no other Hope like no other Reaches to me In the fullness of Your grace In the power of Your Name You lift me up You lift me up Unfailing love Stronger […]

"One Thing"

by Hillsong One thing I desire One thing I seek To gaze upon Your beauty And Your majesty God of my salvation Lifter of my head Teach me how to live oh Lord In Your righteousness So I pray to You So I pray to You Lord Your name Is higher than the heavens Lord […]

"Here in my Life"

I have never walked on water Felt the waves beneath my feet but At your Word Lord, I’ll receive Your Faith to walk on oceans deep And I remember how You found me In that very same place All my failing surely would’ve drowned me But You made a way You are my freedom Jesus […]

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