"All of My Days"

by Hillsong Proclaim Your awesome power Tell of mighty deeds Declare Your future kingdom Of everlasting peace And my eyes they look Unto You always And I am captured By your majesty All of my days I will sing of Your greatness All of my days I will speak of Your grace All of my […]

"Reaching For You"

by Hillsong I can’t believe the way Your love has got a hold on me Each morning I wake to find You near You lift me above my fears And set my feet on solid ground All of my days belong to You And I breathe in Your breath of life that fills my heart […]

"From The Inside Out"

by Hillsong United A thousand times I’ve failed Still your mercy remains And should I stumble again Still I’m caught in your grace Everlasting, Your light will shine when all else fades Never ending, Your glory goes beyond all fame my heart and my soul, Lord I give you control Consume me from the inside […]

"In Your Freedom"

by Hillsong I search for You God of strength I bow to You in my brokenness And no other King could have so humbly come To save my soul and heal my heart I have nothing more than all You offer me There is nothing else that’s of worth to me And I love You […]

"Saviour King"

by Hillsong And now the weak say I have strength By the spirit of power that raised Christ from the dead And now the poor stand and confess That my portion is Him and I’m more than blessed Let now our hearts burn with a flame A fire consuming all for your Son’s holy name […]

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