Transferred To A Different Hosting Provider

Finally! After ranting ever since I signed up with, I finally decided to transfer to a different hosting provider. Since I have quite a number of domains that I purchased – not knowing what to do with them 😆 , I knew that I am bound to move to a different hosting provider which […]

After Optimizing My Post

Over the weekend, I was hitting two birds with one stone. And the result? I landed on Google’s  1st 10 search results after typing in the keyword “Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort”. Sweet isn’t it? After a couple of months of being on hiatus, and then this keyword not even belonging to the top 10 search […]

Off to Sumilon

*sigh* This week was really a heavy week for me. Despite the “tons” of workload I have in the office, I was also faced with problems with this site. I think it was 3 days ago when I saw that my site was reported as an attack site and has been blocked access using Firefox […]

My First Adsense Payout

Got my First Google Adsense payout last June 9th and the timing was just right since we planned to go to CamSur on the 12th. Thanks to Google Ads, I was able to use the money to go to other destinations and blog about it.  🙂

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