Eclipse Is Here But Am More Excited To See Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows This November

I own a complete Twilight Saga set. 4 of those thick books sit in my cabinet, accumulating dust each day. I lent the Twilight book to my cousin. I have no idea if he started reading it. As for me, I haven’t read them all, just Twilight. I already saw New Moon in the┬átheaters┬ábut still, […]

Twilight Saga

After watching Twilight, I can’t resist buying the books! I bought Eclipse and Breaking Dawn in FullyBooked. It’s just sitting on my cabinet. I refuse to read it not until I read Twilight and New Moon though.


I came to know Twilight through Audrey, who got addicted on reading the book first. She has read all the 4 books and was really ecstatic that they made a movie out of it. So first thing’s first, she definitely have to watch the movie. I also got hooked to the story and realized that […]

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