Holiday today = Me = super LAZY!

Hmmm…You ever had that feeling where you had to do something very important, not urgent, but just important but you seem to take your time in deciding if you really should do it? Well I’m in that situation now. I need to do some big time updates on my posts, including a recent trip that […]

My First Adsense Payout

Got my First Google Adsense payout last June 9th and the timing was just right since we planned to go to CamSur on the 12th. Thanks to Google Ads, I was able to use the money to go to other destinations and blog about it.  🙂

Rock Climbing and KneeBoarding is so much Fun!

I am so happy that I went to Caramoan. The trip to the Caramoan Islands made me fulfill one of my desires, which is rock climbing. It was really scary for me but I made it through. This trip also made me kneeboard in CamSur. I really enjoyed kneeboarding and I swear I’m going back […]

What to do before going to Caramoan Islands

1. Plan your trip We all know that the Bicol region is oftentimes threatened with heavy rain showers and typhoons as it faces the Pacific Ocean. It is also the common entry point of major typhoons that hit the country year round. So it is therefore important to carefully plan your trip and make sure […]

Trip to Manila on Labor Day

I went to Manila over the weekend in the hopes of going to Enchanted Kingdom for the second time to accompany Eds (who has made it his obsession to see the place 😆 ) and Wena, who’s fresh from her trips to Singapore and Baguio. However, Wena backed out of the plan at the last […]

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