Trying out Different Flavored Loaf Cakes at Leonas

When my friend asked me what’s a nice pasalubong to give to the family of his gf, I asked him what he had in mind. He said that there are a lot of dried fish from the gf’s place. Dried mango may be overrated and expensive. Then he mentioned Rosquillos and Otap. My eyes rolled […]

Cake Overload Only at Fudge

L-R: Lava Cake, The Ultimate Combo, Double Choco Fudge and Tre Colore When I see images of those cakes, my eyes would start to salivate and grow big as I’d want to taste them all. And to satisfy our taste bud’s curiosity, we definitely have to taste all of them! Yep, that’s what me and […]

officially 30

*sob* Yeah. Sad to say, I’m not getting any younger but the good thing is I’m still someone I’d refer to as “wala gihapon buot” 😆 And please don’t make me translate that in English since i can’t think of any. Feel free to do it for me, k? And since I didn’t get to […]

Hazelnut Story

Oh this is not a story about a hazelnut. Nope. This is not even a story. 😆 But thinking about what I’m about to say and probably the length of this post, I guess I could say that it’d be a story after all…a Hazelnut Story. 🙂 You see, ever since Leona’s opened, we’ve bought […]

Food Trippin’ with Auds and Eds

One fine Saturday, the three of us, Audrey, Ed and I, decided to find some ukay-ukay table that will function as Ed’s laptop table for his new room. That was our intended birthday present for him. After going to an junk ukay2x  shop in Talamban, we decided to head back to the city and check out […]

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