I want to blog…but I can’t

I find the title of this blog post funny. I want to blog…but I can’t. Yet here I am now, blogging. Well, I am blogging, right. But I am blogging because I need to satisfy my finger’s thirst for blogging something. But this is really not the kind of blog I want to blog. Aggghhh! […]

my doodles and sketches using a Bamboo Pen

Photo credits: EDstudyante.com L-R: Ed, Praline & Val Ramirez, moi, Verge Last night, Ed and I chilled at Praline’s place where Verge “conducted” a crash course workshop involvingdiscussions on Photoshop, WordPress Themes and Blogging. Verge is our MASTER WEB DESIGNER. He is soooo talented and he is the artist behind the cool new header of ceburoadtrip.com. We learned […]

blogging 101

the tutor gets to have this free food…sweet! 😀 Had blogging sessions with Cecille yesterday. Taught her the basics of blogging and showed her how to get by WordPress. I just helped her setup her own site, which is penfires.com and it is still a work in progress as we speak. Will probably have another […]

My Blog Earnings

Early this morning, while discussing with Ed about our online jobs and the thought of acquiring domain names, I mentioned to him that my site has turned a year so he asked me how much I have earned  so far. I never really kept track of my earnings so I got curious too. I pulled […]

Cashed out $227 from Paypal

yesterday. I was waiting for it to reach $250 but since I didn’t see signs that I will get some of my blogging money due for August 1st and 2nd, I decided to withdraw my money in Paypal since I badly need to pay off some bills. The bad thing is that when I checked […]

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