The Three Musketeers

or not! LOL. This is a part of my desk and although I’ve been trying to look for more pictures to display on the wall of my desk, I have only managed to display 1 picture… clockwise: Dangling Sheep Jolly Mah, Whitey (the doggie stuffed toy), Moi, Ed, Audrey and flower potty This picture was […]

Thanks for bringing my PR to # 3!

I’m so happy and I’m proud to say that in less than 6 months I now have a PageRank 3 for this site. I am so happy happy happy happy! This is a great deal for me since one of the main reasons why I created this blogsite is to earn money online. Having a […]


I am trying to decide whether to buy a domain today or not. And so I’ve decided to buy one earlier. Then Edcel mentioned that Blogger offers free hosting services and I only have to pay for the domain name. But then again, I’m hesitant since I heard that Blogger has more restrictions. If I […]

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