Happy Happy Happy!!!

Weeeeee!!! Am so happy! 😀 Perfect timing! Uhmmm…Let me share my happiness with you guys…Am about to hit the bed when I told my mom that I may have to use our car this Saturday to accompany Ed in buying a computer chair in Lapu2x City. My mom got curious on how the chairs looked […]

Celebrating Ed's Day

Yesterday was Ed‘s birthday. The timing was right since we had no work due to a local holiday here in Cebu (Osmeña Day). Actually, the night before, Ed, his brother Dan and I went out to eat at  Casa Verde at The Walk in IT Park Cebu. the usual photoshoot before eating our orders store’s […]

Daisy May

I’d like to show you the Sisterhood of the 3Ds: Daisy, Debbie and Doi These two gals are one of my most beloved friends. It’s just sad that we couldn’t be with Daisy as she celebrates her special day. But nonetheless, cheers to you Dais!!! I wish you good health, good life and joy to […]

Celebrating Life

We dined at Pino to celebrate Audrey‘s Birthday. This was a fun night! Photos courtesy of Ed Snaps

Audrey's Day

Today is Audrey‘s Day. I pity her for she had to be at work due to some bulletin boards that needs to be finished ASAP even when she’s supposed to be on her leave. While I have this in mind, I’m beginning to hate the fact that some of our colleagues take advantage of us […]

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