Emila Yusof Artworks

Two years ago, while normally checking out my fave blog sites, I stumbled upon some of the artworks of Emila Yusof, a famous Malaysian blogger and illustrator, who happens to be one of my favorite artists. I fell in love with one of her creations and immediately contacted her to ask how much it would cost […]

My Sister’s Artwork

glass Christmas decor My sister arrived late one night and when she saw that I was still up, she showed me a photo on her Blackberry phone. What I saw was an unfinished painting on their office glass wall. She drew this herself, her first artwork after her charcoal painting days back when we were […]

Post Halloween

I am so busy right now which could attribute to the lack of entries on this website. I have not been getting the much needed sleep I’m supposed to get on a daily basis  but since I am juggling with on and offline jobs, I have to pay the price. Oh, and to give you […]

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