exiting Angkor Wat

Don’t forget your sunscreen, umbrellas, visors, water bottles and more when you visit Angkor Wat and its neighboring temples, otherwise, you’ll end up getting toasted from the sun’s rays and the possibility of getting dehydrated too. This picture was taken back in 2008. This is just 1/4 away from the actual entrance to the temples […]

the reclining buddha

Warning: This is an overdue post. Almost 2 years ago, my friends and I embarked on a journey we would never forget. It was the 1st time the three of us travelled together and out of the country. We basically went to Thailand and Cambodia. Many asked “Why Cambodia?” Our reply? “Why not?” hehehe. Actually […]

Cannot be reached

…with Donnie-Lee

Angkor Wat

I miss this…

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