Switching to Cbox

Because of the spams I’ve been getting with Shoutmix, I switched to Cbox. Although I really appreciate the fact that I’ve been getting spams since they drive traffic to my site (i guess) but I hate to see that I can no longer verify valid messages from spams. I also don’t want to risk getting my computer and the PCs where I access my site prone to any form of malware infection. Otherwise, I may  not get much updates on any Las Vegas Shows I have subscribed online.

I also think Cbox is more secure but this has yet to be determined. For now, I am temporarily removing ShoutMix and replacing it with Cbox. I am hoping that Cbox won’t disappoint me too.

So to all my regular visitors and new ones, please feel free to leave comments in my Cbox Shoutout or on my posts.

Thanks for understanding.



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