Surviving my 1st Month


I survived! I’ve been working for a month now and I’m happy to say that I’ve survived my 1st month with ease. To those who didn’t know, I actually quit my long-term job last 2010 to switch to becoming a digital nomad in order to follow my passion to travel all over the country and in Southeast Asia. I’ve had a few irregular clients and I have my travel site to help me fund my travels.

I was living comfortably with the super low and unstable income that I am getting from my online gigs and I was contented with it until freediving happened.


That addicting sport is killing me!

Hahaha. Please don’t take this post seriously. 😆 Well, yeah, it is killing me…killing me because I’m so addicted with freediving that I sacrificed the chance to live a digital nomad’s life again and get lost somewhere in Southeast Asia because I value freediving more than travelling now. I’m so addicted to it that I went out of my cocoon and started considering to look for a job to help me buy a freediving watch. Hahaha. Yeah, I decided to work to buy a watch and then hopefully other stuff like a customized wetsuit from Elios (*wishful thinking*) and then carbon fins when they soon manufacture size for extra extra small feet. They’re actually not cheap and I need to save up big time to get the funds needed to complete my gears. As of this time, I’ve basically spent 12.5k for them gears – 2 scuba fins, 1 freediving fins, 2 masks, 1 snorkel, 1 dive belt, 1 pair of neoprene socks, 1 pair of gloves, 1 pair of fin keepers and 3 lycra pants (funds I got from earnings on my travel site).

Now that I survived my first month at work, I can now buy the ultimate freediving gear that made me work in the frist place, a diving computer. Wohoo!

Suunto D4iwatch

The Suunto D4i is a freediver’s dream watch (or just my dream watch. hehehe). Although I found some technical problems with the watch after reading some reviews online, I  guess this is the closest brand I could own so that I can measure my diving depth properly. I would also prefer the Aeris F10 watch after YouTube sensation Dean Fredericks‘ high recommendation of the freediving watch but I’m not sure if I can get one in the Philippines. I’m also not confident in having the watch shipped as could easily get lost with some corrupt folks in the post office or customs office so I guess the Suunto D4i will do. I’m just waiting for the stocks that Freediving HQ Philippines ordered and I’ll soon get my hands on those babies. They cost around $400-$750 online so I am really hoping I could get a good deal at Freedive HQ for the watches like paying only up to $400. hehehe. I won’t  mind getting it at $300 or less too! 😀

As for my work, I intend to continue working for now to save up funds so that I could also save up to travel to my ultimate dream destination – Batanes Islands – and then to Japan 😉 I just hope that I last long in this company that I’m working as I also like what I’m doing.

Hopefully I can survive longer than a year in the off-shore company where I’m connected now. Crossing my fingers and hoping to get one of the best freedive computers soon! Wish me luck!

For now, let me leave you with one of the photos I captured during our freediving practice the other day 😉

Seeing scuba divers and sardines while diving in a single breath. Pure bliss!

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