Surrendering my Passport

Yesterday, my friends and I filed our visa application to a certain country in Asia. As I don’t want to jinx this travel plan, I’d prefer not to name that country for now. In the next week or two, we will know the status of our application and I hope we’d get it fast before our departure date.

We’ve been planning for this trip since August and although we still lacked the needed funds to push through with this trip,  I hope that a miracle happens and we’d be able to complete the much needed funds.

I am excited to visit this country and witness its rich cultural heritage. Pramis! My friends and I even planned to take lots of photos on this trip and if possible, buy lots of cute souvenirs.

My excitement is growing each day. I really hope that our prayers will be answered. If ever our visas get approved, travelling to this amazing country would be a dream come true, something I would have never imagined happening.

visa application

I really wish Santa would grant us this request and help me make this dream come true. 🙂

P.S. What ever happens to this application, I will let you know about it. Promise. 😀



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