For those of you out there who have nothing else to do and buying DVDs,Β  Movies On Demand or Pay-Per-View is not an option for your tight budget, there’s a couple of websites that can provide you with the latest movies online.

I got introduced to a couple of years back but has not found the interest to stream online since I only have 384 kbps of internet speed. But after I upgraded my internet speed, I’ve been trying to put into use the speed I got through streaming movies πŸ˜†

I’d really prefer watching the movies at since it has a wide range of movies to choose from, unlike which only lists a couple. The bad thing about is that the quality of the movie is not good compared to

What I hate about the links in are the ones from MegaVideo. After you have watched 72 minutes, the movie will stop and a pop-up window will appear telling you to wait for 54 more minutes or buy their service to continue watching unlimited movies. Well, even if it meant cutting the excitement of a movie I’m watching, I’d rather wait instead of paying up. What’s the use of buffering? πŸ˜† I normally choose 2 or 3 movies in case I end up watching a link from MegaVideo. This way, I’d buffer the other movies (links should not be from MegaVideo) so that I can make use of my time while waiting for the 54 minutes πŸ˜†

The latest one I watched was X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I read this off from Ed‘s Multiply site saying that the movie leaked online. He mentioned having watched the film atΒ  I immediately checked it out but the link is no longer available.Β  So I checked out and alas! it was still there. I watched the movie and although it’s not entirely complete, it’s really a great must-see film. What I meant by not complete? Oh, you’d still see Hugh Jackman with his harness on, or the 3D screen without the actual peope in it. πŸ˜† I really don’t have a clue for their terms. Just check it out to see for yourself.

How bout you? Do you have other sites which offers free movie streaming? Please do share it if you know one.

Happy Movie Watching! πŸ˜€


  1. Yeah..thanks for this lead. I like watching movies. Still trying to figure out how to work the Surfthechannel site.

    By the way, I have a new site up at

    Come on over & give me a reply, Doi. πŸ™‚

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