Sunday Feast: Cake, Sandwich, Crema Soda and Siomai sa Tisa

And I ate in that order (LOL) instead of the other way around. I thought desserts are supposed to be taken after a full meal but to someone like me, I guess that doesn’t apply at all.

After lunch, I planned of going to SM to buy a headphone with mic but due to the ongoing 3-day sale, I decided to postpone the purchase. (I personally don’t like going to the malls when they go on sale due to the dizzying crowd)

brewed coffee + cake

I directly went to Cakewalkers at The Strip to work on a project. I ordered their Chocolate Blitz Torte and brewed coffee.

Chocolate Blitz Torte @ Php 75.00/slice

Ed joined me after a few hours and when their internet connection started to slow down to the point that I couldn’t use it anymore, we decided to transfer to Julie’s Bakeshop at the eBlock Building in IT Park (Morgan, Chase & Co. building) for their unlimited wi-fi access with free charging and their unlimited rice 😀

When we arrived there, we realized that Julie’s Bakeshop doesn’t open on Sundays. It was really disappointing 🙁  We went to Coffeecat instead. We ordered their Strawberry Cremosa and a sandwich and split the bill. hehehehe

medium-sized Strawberry Cremosa @ Php 80.00

Coffecat’s Cremosa drink is actually soda combined with your choice of their available fruit flavor, which settles at the bottom, and topped with cream.

Peppered Bacon Breakfast S’wich @ Php 145.00

The Peppered Bacon Breakfast S’wich consisted of strips of bacon, fluffy scrambled egg with cheddar cheese on an english muffin served with lettuce, bacon bits, bread croutons and salad dressing.

I just asked Ed to decide what to order since I wasn’t that hungry after eating the cake at Cakewalkers. He did a good job ordering the right food (choosing the cheapest is one factor. hahaha). I liked the Strawberry Cremosa and the Bacon Sandwich. The sandwich reminded me of McDonald’s Egg Muffin Sandwich except that this one’s more delicious! 🙂

Before we decided to call it a night, we agreed to have a late dinner and Ed suggested we go to the siomai haven in Tisa, Labangon. It has been a long time since I ate at one of the famous street foods in Cebu so it didn’t take long for me to decide to go there to indulge my stomach with the famous siomai sa tisa.

Ed wants his siomai bathed with calamansi (calamondin or Philippines lime)!

After 13 siomais, 9 puso (hanging rice), 2 Mountain Dew bottles and a couple of photo shots, I dropped off Ed at his place and headed home with a full stomach. 😀  Of course I didn’t eat all of those! LOL. I just ate 5 siomai sa tisa and 4 puso. 😀

I kept convincing myself I should start getting serious with my diet before October comes. But with all the good food out there, how can I resist a foodtrip?!? Wait, I never intended this to end up as a foodtrip. But with the number of food we ate this day, I guess I really did go on a food trip. hahaha. sssshhhh.

Focus doi…focus!

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