such a cry baby!

yep. i am. i really have a sensitive side wherein i could easily cry if i get offended or if someone close to me treats me indifferently. i dunno. i guess i was only trying to help, suggest, make a point or something. i guess i don’t have to be reminded that we have different tasks.

to recover from this ordeal, i’m just glad i can drown myself in songs that has kept me sane during the times when i was at my worst.


  1. doi i have a strong feeling kato ning g away taka earlier this month. so sorry jud as in. i was really mad at myself for snapping at you. i was so stressed and pissed off sko work load but i know this is not an excuse. i don’t know what got over me jud that day. i hated myself jud. hope u forgive me na as in. i’ll always be here for you whenever you need a friend. muah! lav yah always 🙂
    .-= praline´s last blog ..Why Outsourcing is great for Filipinos? =-.

    • ikaw man gud, pala-away. bleh! ehehehe…lav yah too pra! i have something for you later. ehehehe. hope nahan pud si baby vaughn. weeeeeeee

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