Stuck in the office on a holiday

Yeah and it really sucks! Since its also the end of the month, I’m obligated to work on a holiday just so that I can prepare for the reports that I have to make for our quarterly business review and also for next week’s deadlines. I’m just glad my manager allowed me to work on a flexible schedule while I finish the tasks that needs to be accomplished. I even had to bring some snacks with me to last the entire day since I am not sure if the stores here are open. I also don’t wanna go down and look for food all by myself. Actually, I brought a lot of food! hahaha  There’s the “minatamis na saging” (banana cooked in syrup) my mom made the other day, 9 blocks of rocky road brownies from Goldilocks, 1 small Mr. Chips, Oishi’s Bread Pan, 1 small red Chippy and then I discovered I also stacked 1 pack of dried mangoes in my lateral drawer. I guess I’m all set for this shift. I’m just sad I couldn’t bring the ice cream 🙁 I could have made an instant brownie ala mode in the office. hehehe

Tomorrow, if everything goes as planned, I’ll be spending the day at Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort. This has been long overdue and the expiration date of my free gift certificate is nearing. Which is why we should push through with this trip! If my sister cancels again, I’ll have to ask someone else to accompany me.

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