Spam in Friendster

I had to say I was shocked to see this message in my Friendster Inbox.

Uhhmmm….I was speechless. I immediately checked to see if my viewing restrictions was disabled, but it wasn’t. So what the h*ll did this guy mean when he said “I was pleased to go thru your friendster”??? 😆 I checked his profile pics and there was one picture of him sitting on a horse, posing as a cowboy. Then there’s a wallet sized picture taken in a studio and the guy’s face on both photos looked exactly the same. I bet he took great lengths at cropping his face and sticking it on that cowboy picture. 😆 And what does an Industrialist do, exactly? Humor me.

So, does this mean that I’m going to get spammed in Friendster too? tsk tsk tsk

Honestly, I’m really thinking of deleting my Friendster account. It’s been ages since I pulled it up and when I do, I just approve friend requests and delete messages.  Now let me sit on it and think about deleting Friendster.


  1. go dayun doi!

    go for the gold! at least i’ll have a friend i can count on if i’ll travel to london. awhahaahaha

    Ed’s last blog post..Tagala’s Chicken Butterfly, Cebu

  2. just ignore it….

    vhingF’s last blog post..ATTENTION: EC DROPPERS!

  3. You said you “just approve friend requests”, right? So maybe you accidentally added him without checking?

  4. To set things straight, I clicked on his profile and I can see that we are not friends since the “Add as a friend” button is still there.

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