Sore Muscles

One of the struggles I had to deal with was how to lose weight. Living in a house where you get to eat yummy dishes courtesy of your mom’s superb cooking skills is very challenging for those who wanted to keep a healthy and fit body. This was the reason why I loved staying away from home when I went backpacking in Thailand and Cambodia for 5 months last 2012. In fact, I lost weight and went home with a slimmer figure. But because of constantly pigging out here at home and almost anywhere, especially during the holiday season, I gained back all the weight I lost.

I know I had to do something.

Knowing that it was possible to look thinner made me want to make sure I remain that way.

I’ve been planning to do yoga but the plan always gets postponed. I also saw this insanity workout and wanted to try them out too as they promised results in 90 days. However, my friend advised me against it. She said that I’d better try the 30 Day Shred first and complete it before I try the insanity workout. I didn’t take her advise seriously since I thought it’s not that difficult. But I was wrong.

30 days shred

After finding a vacant time last night, I tried the 30 Day Shred. I really thought it was simple. I wasn’t wearing any sporty gears too. I was barefoot and even wore a night dress 😆 But as soon as I started following the steps, I started panting and soon ran out of air. I constantly made trips to our water station to drink water. Before I knew it, my heart was pumping fast. I was having a hard time keeping up. And what’s worse is that I’ve only seen and followed 7 minutes of the 30-minute work out of the Level 1 30 DS. I told myself I should stop and once I sat down and relaxed my tired body, I started sweating like there’ no more tomorrow. That prompted me to stop the work out completely. And to think I found the insanity workout doable was really outrageous. If I can’t keep up with this simple workout, how can I follow the insanity workout properly? Anyway, I vowed I’d continue doing the exercises on a daily basis.

However, today, after lunch, my body started showing signs of fatigue and spasms after that 7-minute workout. I can feel pain in my legs every time I walk. What’s worse is that I feel like my chest got some serious beating as they hurt like hell. This means that I’d be skipping tonight’s session and work on it again once my muscles relax again.

I still aim to follow the insanity workout soon and I hope I can follow all of them to have a leaner and fit body. 😉

In case you are interested, here’s what I followed – only 7 minutes of it though but plans to improve on the length of the exercise as days progress.

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