So frustrating

What pisses me off are those blog owners who leave comments in my Shoutmix message board asking me for a link exchange but they don’t keep their end of the deal. I don’t normally ask around for link exchanges. I seldom do it and when I see them ask for a link exchange, I always oblige. To me it’s an honor to be asked to exchange links. Yet when I check back their sites I don’t even see a single link or word that could lead to my site. I found 3 URLs today. I will not mention their names but it really pisses me off when they don’t keep the end of their bargain. In the first place they were the one who asked for a link exchange. I got rid of them on my site. At least it freed me some lines in my Blogroll. Users!!!


  1. Cashmere says

    I understand your frustration..
    I hate it too..
    But just to check, did you acknowledge to them that you’ve linked theirs? Some of them prolly didn’t know..

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