Slumdog Millionaire


I recently watched Slumdog Millionaire and I can really say that I liked the movie so much.

The movie was filmed in India and it tells the story of a young man from the slums of Mumbai who appeared on the Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.  Jamal’s  (lead actor) ability to answer the questions thrown aroused suspicion to the game host and just before the final night, he was sent to the police to be interrogated. Their aim was to discover how he was cheating and to name his accomplices. Jamal was asked to explain how he knew the answers to each questions and audiences will be unconsciously transported back to Jamal’s life story.

I really enjoyed watching the scene where the child Jamal was taking his poop and suddenly his idol arrived on a helicopter. His brother foolishly trapped him inside the public bathroom. Left with no choice, he made sure the photograph of his idol was secured and then he dove on the pool of dung beneath him just to meet his idol and get an autograph. His body was covered with dung from head to toe yet he still managed to run madly just to have the photo signed.


I also liked the part where they stumbled upon the Taj Mahal and soon acted as tour guides as if they were pro.

Anyway, while chatting with my friend Leah in Skype, she mentioned that our good friend Jessie has a blog site. I never knew this and I immediately looked for his site address in Facebook (since Leah couldn’t remember the address). Slumdog Millionaire was his latest entry (not really latest) but when I read his review of the movie, I was really amazed at how he was able to put into writing such detailed and precise information on why Slumdog Millionaire deserved the awards it reaped. I’m not really good with words so I’ll borrow Jessie’s thoughts on why I loved the film so much.

Here’s Jessie’s brilliant post on “Why Slumdog Millionaire must win the Oscar Best Picture?!” Simply Brilliant and Effortless writing!



  1. your review of the movie got me curious. i wish i could view this film or at least avail a dvd of this.

    thanks for sharing doi!by the way, have posted the award. thanks again!:)

    es’s last blog ya award for friendly bloggers

  2. even its one of my favourite movies…i liked the “jai ho” (one of the songs) also

  3. Nice review of movie, I will see if i can find 🙂

    Ms Recipe

  4. vijay: Yeah! I liked that song too! 😉

    Ms Recipe: It’s a definite must-see movie! It will open your eyes to a lot of things.

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