Site Issues

Am having a problem with my site for the Nth time. I just don’t understand it. Must be me and my reckless fingers. I tried to upgrade my WP Super Cache plugin when it told me the upgrade wasn’t successful so I tried to delete it hoping that I could reinstall again. To my surprise, all I saw next were white screens from anywhere I click. I tried to contact my tech support and they were able to fix it. However, Eds called my attention that my comments link isn’t working. I think he was trying to leave a comment on a new post I created. So again, I tried to reach my tech support and she said to wait for 6-7 hours after the DNS propagates, whatever that means. hehehe

For now, please be patient with my site if you were attempting to leave comments to my individual posts.

Beware:  you may see the NOT FOUND Error 404. Please leave comments in my ShoutMix instead, or come back after 6-7 hours too. hehe…

I’ll be off to SM today, see you around!

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