Siomai sa Tisa


I had to drop off some docs at our other site and Eds decided to tag along since it was near the siomaian sa Tisa. I was kinda famished already by the time we arrived there.

siomai sa Tisa 1

Tisa is a very popular place near Labangon where you can buy fresh and yummy siomai. This was the place where the siomai industry flourished and soon others followed and stalls were set up all over the metro claiming that they sell “D’ Original Siomai sa Tisa’. Its so funny how you’d see banners and signages of those stalls claiming to be selling the “original” siomai of Tisa. You don’t have to get degree programs to distinguish. I have no idea who’s the original makers of it and I won’t bother knowing for it involves great arguments as to who started the trend.

siomai cart 2 siomai cart

As for me, nothing still beats the original Siomai sa Tisa place. You’ll be assured of fresh siomai unlike other stores I know, which sells left over siomais from previous day’s stocks. yuck!

eight siomais

The best thing about this siomai place is that they open from dusk till dawn. They only close when they run out of siomais. This is the most sought after place for those who love the nightlife.

siomai sa Tisa

Not only do these stalls serve siomai but they also sell the infamous puso or hanging rice. Then you can also order noodles (with or without egg) and pancit canton. Some stalls also sell halo-halo (i call it mix-mix…hehehe). Mix-mix or halo2x is a mixture of assorted fruits, sweet palm, leche flan, ice, sugar, milk, etc. But their version of the halo2x is the modified one and their ingredients are improvised to cater to the buying power of their consumers.

When eating siomai, you can ask for unlimited lime, unlimited chili sauce and soy sauce. Some prefer not adding any soy sauce (like me). some stalls doesn’t offer unlimited chili sauce. But who wants all those chili? They are really spicy! If you do that, instead of feeling full, your tummy might feel sore with all those spice. Yikes! Anyway, you can also buy siomai for take out too.

siomai and puso eating siomai

As for me, the best place to eat siomai ala street food style is at Siomai sa Tisa.


Oh, I almost forgot, the siomai only costs P6.00 each. I only paid P48.50 after eating 4 siomais and 3 hanging rice – P3 each. We split the cost of the 7UP – P25/L. Right on your budget, ei?!?


  1. wow! tsarap tsarap naman..i really love siomai..have you tried japanese siomai?heheh! so weirdie taste!hahah!


  2. yummy!!! where is tisa located?


  3. haha, what a coincidence….i blogged about a cat named siomai and you blogged about actual siomai! haha. unlimited chili sauce for siomai sounds great! i like it spicy! 🙂

  4. yummmyyyyy… havent eat siomai for quite sometime now!

  5. miss the “puso” (hanging rice) too

  6. gimingaw nko siomai dah!!! kaon nya ta didto doi doi 🙂

  7. Wow! Sarap talaga ng siomai!Kakagutom.
    I miss Cebu so much. I studied
    in C.I.T when I was in third year High School.

    abie’s last blog post..Friendship

  8. hwaaa…. i like siomay… in indonesia called siomay too..

  9. bro’s i really want to taste d original siomai sa tisa… any of you can tell me d complete address of the main branch in tisa labangon…. im kinda far… im from danao and i really want to go to the place where it all begins…. if any of you can read…. please do inform me… and if you have a sun cel fon… please do txt me…. 09239227124…. please help me

  10. oh my god!

    everyone loves our siomai.

    thanks guys. 🙂

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