Selecta’s Berry Strawberry Ice Cream on a Starbucks Coffee Mug

You might be wondering how Selecta’s Berry Strawberry Ice Cream landed on a Starbucks Coffee mug instead of the usual Starbucks coffee or any regular coffee, right?

Well you see, I have been cleaning my room for the past 16 hours and since it’s past my bedtime, I decided to find something to munch to keep me going the entire night (if I don’t get tired of sorting out all the old junk in my room). Then I tried to find soda in our fridge but there’s none. And then I got tempted when I saw the bottle of The Bar Strawberry Vodka that I got to take home after a photo engagement that I attended two weeks ago. So when I opened the freezer and checked for ice cubes, Selecta’s Berry Strawberry Ice Cream greeted me instead! 🙂

the sight that greeted me inside our freezer

Then I totally forgot about the The Bar’s Strawberry Vodka and immediately grabbed the 1.66L Selecta ice cream container. I didn’t  know we had one sitting in our fridge. I’m guessing my sister bought it.

I think I scooped1/4 of the whole ice cream…hahaha

Without asking her permission, I helped myself with a few 5-6 scoops of the strawberry flavored ice cream using the Starbucks Coffee mug (para sosyal ang effect! LOL) hehehe. I know my sister wouldn’t mind at all ’bout me abusing her ice cream. 😀

Selecta’s Berry Strawberry Ice Cream on a Starbucks Coffee Mug

Actually, I just grabbed the 1st mug I saw and it happened to be my sister’s Starbucks Coffee mug too! ahahaha. I was aiming at making round ice cream scoops but wasn’t able to achieve one since the ice cream wasn’t that frozen anymore.

my mug had all the strawberry chunks!

I got lucky since the area where I scooped my ice cream have all those big strawberry chunks! I hope there were still some left in the container. Otherwise, I’d hear rantings from my sister the next day. LOL.

I simply love Selecta’s Berry Strawberry Ice Cream. When I first tried this one out, I never thought that the strawberries were big till I ate one. I just love those big chunks of strawberries in it.

The Berry Strawberry Ice Cream from Selecta’s Gold Series is simply the best! 🙂


  1. hala ka! 😛 bantay ka sa imoh sister 😛 hehehehe KALAMI!!!
    The Photoblogger´s last blog post ..Frozen Yogurt in Ayala!

    • ssshhh….i’ll tell her that the ice cream spilled on the sink coz it melted. hahaha. YUMMY jud! super! 😀

  2. lami sad ang heaven ba to na strawberry. uber milky. 😀
    fetus´s last blog post ..Magayon Mount Mayon

    • paytus! hahaha. asa na mapalit ang heaven na strawberry? 😀 patilawa daw ko ana. hehehe

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