Scaring off a kid

LOL. I think I did scare him off. Pushing away may be a less harsh word, for the benefit of the poor kid. For all I know, his Internet connection may have just been disconnected, which explains why he went offline.

However, I couldn’t help but be my normal self and reprimand the poor kid when placed in a situation like this one.

Since Facebook is a great networking tool to keep in touch with long lost relatives, I took this opportunity to add all those I think are part of my huge family lineage hoping that I tapped the right people, not caring if they are distant relatives or non at all. So long as they also wear the same family name as I do, I welcome them on my Facebook page.

With this habit, there were a couple of individuals whom I chatted with Facebook who were curious to know our family history, very interesting chats I’d say. We try hard to find our connections but end up being more lost. I even remembered someone asking me the name of my grandfather as we were trying to connect our family trees. And when I mentioned my grandpa’s name, turned out it’s also the name of her grandfather, i think. But her father is not my father’s sibling. That one I can’t forget. At the back of my mind I said “Ooops! Did someone crossed the line?” Coz once the names were mentioned, I couldn’t help think that our grandfather had a second family or something. (LOL) Luckily, they just have the same names, even middle names too. But we learned that we were indeed 3rd or 4th degree cousins. ahahaha

Then I also remember this newly added friend (not family)  who asked me where I’m from. I replied Cebu. Her next questions is “What’s your age?”  Whatda??? My reply? “Don’t you know that it’s rude to ask someone their age?” I really don’t mind answering the question but I hope she should have asked a different question if she was trying to see how we were connected (with our mutual friends and all) or something since she’s still a stranger to me, and I to her. Her reply “Ay, sorry friend”.

Then there are those whom I think needed reprimanding like this one below.

Rowell: who u
Me: ikaw ha, learn to ask the proper way. (hey, learn to ask the proper way.)
you might not know sino tinatanong mo. (ou might not know who you’re asking)
baka uncle and auntie mo na tinatanong mo (you may be asking an aunt or an uncle already)

While busy working on a different article, I heard a faint FB chat ping and checked out who it was. Then I saw his message. Itago natin sya sa pangalang “Rowell” (Let’s hide him under the name of “Rowell”). Before I responded to the chat message, I checked the “kid’s” profile and learned that he was born on 1996. Since I don’t want to strain my brain with math calculations, I clicked the desktop’s calculator and calculated his age. Hmmm…13…going 14 next month…so, that’s when I started typing and replied. LOL. I guess he got scared or something for the next thing I knew, he’s already Offline.

I just hope that he learned his lesson. No matter what his age is, he should learn to ask for information properly. Rowell, if you are reading this, having good manners wouldn’t hurt at all. You need to have good manners, ok? People will respect you more if you have proper manners.

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