Ruined diet

Everyday, I tell myself that I will start my diet to control my increasing weight due to my love for food. I even thought that with my new work schedule, I’d start an after six diet wherein I shouldn’t eat anything after the clock strikes at six in the evening. But if you get to be asked to have dinner at Casa Verde, who could ever resist those ginormous slices of baby back ribs. I just wonder if the term “baby” fits the description of their ribs though.

I only brought P100 with me when I went down the ground floor of our building to meet up with Ed and his brother Dan earlier. I am already broke and the payday is three days away so I need to budget my food allowance since I have to pay for my parking fees too. I thought we were just going to eat at Chowabungga, McDonalds, Jollibee or KFC but Dan was itching to swipe his card so after debating on whether to eat at Roma Mia, Casa Verde, Shakeys or Mocha Blends in SkyRise, Casa Verde won over. So off we went to The Walk.

This is what they call Bryan’s Baby Back Ribs…don’t bother asking who Bryan is coz I don’t have any clue 😆 This is what Casa Verde is famous for. The ribs are really huge and it could serve 2 individuals. Their side dish includes a choice of rice, carrots and corn, mashed potato and I think fries. Not really sure though. This is really a highly recommended resto to dine whenever you’re in Cebu as you will surely go gaga over their ribs.

Then here’s another yummy treat from Casa Verde, their Seafood pasta (cooked carbonara style). Within those pile of pasta, you can find shrimps, squid and mushrooms. Wait. When did  mushrooms became a part of the seafood family? hahaha.

I hope that my mind would stop thinking about food for a while so that I don’t have to crave for good food all the time. That way, I can work on my diet for once. hehehe. I hope temptations would stay away from me for the next three months.


  1. I love ribs and those look great, now I’ll have to suggest them for Saturday or Sunday’s meal since Bill always asks me what I want for dinner. Good luck with the diet plan, I hate diets.
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