Reruns on a Rest Day

Rest days or day off is the time you spend to rest after a week of “non-stop” work. I am lucky to have 2 straight rest days in a week. However, in my case, I do the opposite. I don’t rest. In fact, I have been awake for 30 hours and counting. After getting home, I glued myself to the computer screen. When I got tired and decided that I need to sleep, I turned the TV on instead and started my movie marathon. Last Saturday, I was awake for 31 hours.


I originally planned to watch DVDs today but I ended up watching reruns. First was Twilight (2008) on DVD. I’ve seen this movie in the theaters and I just want to watch the movie again. I was glad that the subtitles on the DVD copy I got were accurate.


Next was Vertical Limit (2000). This was shown on HBO. This was an action movie/thriller starring Chris O’Donnell and Robin Tunney, both climbers. When Robin’s summit team got trapped in a cave due to bad weather conditions, O’Donnell immediately assembled a rescue mission to climb K2 in Pakistan just so he could rescue his sister, Tunney.


Afterwhich, I watched The Assignment (1997) at Cinemax. Casts inlcude Aidan Quinn, Donald Sutherland and Ben Kingsley among others. This spy thriller film showed us how Quin, a navy officer, got recruited by CIA Agent Sutherland to impersonate one of the worst vicious  terrorists in the middle east since Quinn and the terrorist looked exactly alike. Kinsley and Sutherland took turns training Quinn for this mission.


Finally, Stardust (2007), fantasy film starring Claire Danes, Charlie Cox, Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfieffer, Sienna Miller and others. I went to see this movie in the theaters. This period film takes place in a small English village where a magical kingdom existed at the other side of a stone wall that divides the village. Cox declares his undying love for Miller and promises to bring her back a falling star. He found out that the star he was looking for was actually a person (Danes). Adventure and finding one’s true love is showcased in this film.

At last, after all those movies, I’m finally sleepy. I’ll go to sleep now. Till next Saturday…


  1. i would have done the same kaso i have a tot that mimic my every move so i have to rest and sleep early or else my kid will grow up to be an insomniac *grins*.

    maggie’s last blog post..Buktot White Sand Beach, Our Last Pit Stop

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