Relying on a mobile phone modem to connect the PC for Internet access

While waiting for my dad’s laptop to finish installing Windows Vista Service Pack 2 and around 27 more updates, I could no longer wait to open my desktop. I have been waiting for almost 4 hours so that I can get things done. I only have a cable modem and I can only plug my ethernet cable on 1 device since I don’t have a router. Then a thought came to my mind. I remembered that my mobile phone can act as a modem too. So after the long wait, I connected the USB cord of my phone to the computer and tried connecting. And the next thing I knew, I was connecting online! Yey! The speed wasn’t really that bad too.

I went to to check my speeds and here are the results on two different servers.

Photobucket Photobucket

Although it was really low compared to the almost 0.8 Mbps download speed I get when I use my ISP’s connection, I was still getting a decent speed on my Internet connection thanks to the mobile modem capability of my phone. By the way, my Nokia N82 phone is powered by Smart Communications. I don’t have any idea how my bill will look like after doing this but I’m pretty sure that with my Consumable Plan, I won’t have to worry a thing. Besides, I seldom use my phone for anything.

I really wish I could have a wireless router so that I can connect from any place in our house. 😀 But I’ll have to buy my own laptop for this one too 😆

P.S. I’m still typing this entry while connected to my mobile phone for my Internet access. The laptop still shows “Installing Service Pack: Stage 1 of 3 – 96% complete. Do not turn off your computer.” I guess I may have to wait a little bit longer before I can use my ISP’s connection again.

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