Wow! After 3 weeks I finally got my PC back! Well, not technically…I didn’t really do anything to it after it crashed last September. I never also bothered booting it again a day after the crash happened. Call it laziness perhaps but I was also taking my time thinking that if I will give it time to rest 😆 it will be back to its normal self again. I wish this was true but I know that I still need to make sure that I fix this old thing here.

Am not really sure what happened. I’m guessing it’s one of those viruses or something. Or maybe this PC is telling me to upgrade. Who knows.

Anyway, so I guess I really need to act on fixing this thing. Which lead me to booting my PC late this afternoon. I was crossing my fingers thinking that it will work fine just long enough for me to back up my files to an external drive. Wena thought that the size of the external drive was ridiculous. She even laughed when she saw it. It’s the size of a standard thick journal. Not one of those iPod-sized external hard drives you see. And it’s not mine so I have no right to complain.. hehehe.. My brother-in-law lent it to me. I think the size is 320 MB, am not sure.

So going back…when I booted my PC, it worked!!! I even got to the point where I forgot what my login password was. Then it got me thinking – was it really that long? I couldn’t imagine how I did it to my own PC. I mean, it took me this long to use the PC again. So first thing’s first…I backed up all my files – well actually, I deleted the files from my hard drive and transferred it to the external drive. That way, it’d be easier for me to reformat if needed. I was really thinking that it’s the memory of the PC or something. But gee am glad that even for the past hours, I am able to use my computer again. I hope it won’t crash again.

What I find funny was when after the back up, I tried to go to Firefox and check stuff online. Imagine this…I wanted to check my emails but I forgot what button to click. 😆 I actually saved my favorites in my toolbar and it has a couple of buttons there. I really forgot. It’s like I was using the computer for the first time. It took me around 5 seconds or so so to finally figure what button to click. hahaha…Even the button for Photobucket, I forgot what it looked like. Sheesh! I should really start working on fixing this thing.

I need to make sure that the PC is clean from any virus. I just hope it doesn’t crash again. At least now I can sleep well thinking that at least for now am back in the game.

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