So Ive made my decision. After 2 days of witnessing my PC crash, I am now going to reformat! I was so elated this morning when I can’t turn my PC on. All I saw were those message “PLEASE CHECK SIGNAL CABLE” spread on my monitor. Then there’s also a beeping sound coming from i dunno where. I was having a hard time identifying where the sound was coming from. It got me to the point where I had to clean the back of the computer table thinking that the wires were the culprit. But I guessed wrong. After hugging, kssing and inhaling all those dirt and dust, I gave up and decided to seek help from the experts. Luckily my cousin has a spare video card slot. Now my PC’s working but it’s still blinking from time to time. I hope reformatting this will fix the problem. Otherwise, I’m going gaga thinking what’ll be my next move…crossing my fingers now. Here goes…


  1. complicated girl says

    goodluck achi doi! 🙂

  2. huhuhu….

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