Redemptorist Church

Redemptorist Church

Redemptorist Church

side view of the Redemptorist Church

side view of the Church

inside the Redemptorist Church at Cebu City

I  like the simplicity of this church.  Amidst the busy road outside, one can find solace in here.

This was one of our stop overs when Edwin Antonio and his friend Mai went to Cebu last September 9-10, 2010 for a quick tour. We also went to see the the churches of Argao and Carcar and will be posting more pics soon.

This church is dedicated to the Blessed Mother of Perpetual Help. It is run by the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer also known as the Redemptorist Missionaries. The church’ parish priest is Fr. Ricky Acero and he graciously welcomed us as we went there. They were good friends with Mai from their missionary days in Ilocos. He also gave us a quick tour of the Redemptorist Seminary.

The Redemptorist Church is located at D. Jakosalem St. Cebu City.


  1. zeeramareez says

    That’s true! The church is very solemn. We’re planning to have our wedding ceremony here.

  2. one of my more memorable moments was at the Redemptorist church. I remember getting off the Cebu ferry. I really Out to the Redemptorist Church, and will sitting in the church. We acknowledge that there was no mass that day, but we stopped to pray. Being 7000 miles from home, I felt a little bit uncomfortable, leaning over to my friend and telling her:” my wallet is missing.”

    But we stayed to pray. Minutes later, the man tapped me on the shoulder, and handed me my wallet. It was my cabdriver. If we had not stopped in at church. If we had not stayed in that church, he never would’ve been able to find me. I think prayer works

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