Red Velvet Cake by La Marea

red velvet cupcake at la marea

Before, I only knew of chocolate flavored cakes, butter cakes, vanilla cakes and all the other cakes that are either colored dark brown or yellowish white. I never knew the existence of a red velvet cake. But after being introduced to one at work and after tasting one, I got hooked.

You see my mom’s palate is sensitive to chocolate cakes however yummy they are. Which is why I need to make sure that the cakes I buy are chocolate-friendly so that my mom could eat too. But there are just days where my mom becomes a pain in the a** when she tries to have a small bite since there’s a medicine that can relieve her of her misery in case she gets allergies.

Anyway, the good thing is that I discovered the existence of red velvet cakes. Not only are they the yummiest but flavor-friendly to the rest of my family too. šŸ˜‰

I have tasted one of the best red velvet cup cakes from Leonas a month ago and I was craving for one up to now. But last week, I got the chance to meet another version from La Marea’s Pastry Shop. When we brought a new blogger friend, Barbie, to the La Marea shop at IT Park. After we dined at Chicken Charlie, she ordered one whereas the rest of us ordered our own deserts.

classic warm brownie cup la marea

I ordered La Marea’s famous classic warm brownie cup and after helping myself with one, I found out that the red velvet cup cake was lacking in sweetness perhaps due to the sweets overload I went through after eating my warm brownie cup, my friend’s leche flan, and anotherĀ meringueĀ cake.

The next time I visit La Marea, I’ll make sure I’ll just order their red velvet cup cake to fully determine if it can match the yummy red velvets that I’ve tried before. šŸ˜‰

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