Red Sky

After spending a butt-numbing ride for 3 hours going to the southern tip of Cebu as we travel to Siquijor via Dumaguete, our bus arrived at the Liloan Port in Santander a few minutes past the hour of six. I hurriedly asked my friend, Dylan, to purchase our tickets while I rushed to the bathroom to pee. Once we had our boat tickets to Dumaguete, we settled our things and sat on the benches inside the port while we waited for the boat that will take us to Sibulan port in Dumaguete. My friend was facing me while we were discussing something. I could no longer recall what it was. I was facing the window side of the terminal and the moment I saw the sight unfolding before my eyes, I had to interrupt our conversation and point at the vibrant red spreading over the horizon.

At first, I failed to make out what it was but when my senses came over me, I soon gasped and so did my friend. We both hurriedly went out of the terminal and rushed to where we could get a better view of the beautiful scenery, leaving all our bags behind, uncaring what will happen to them.

We took turns in taking photos of the view and I happily clicked my camera’s shutter button without minding how many shots I already took. It was by far the perfect sunrise I have witnessed to date. It was soooo beautiful. I was so happy to see the wonderful big red circle slowly rising from its sleep. It infected the whole horizon with red hues and it was simply magical. I’ve never seen so much red in my life!

sunrise at Liloan, Santander Cebu
red hues scattered all over while the big sun shyly rose from its slumber

Having witnessed that beauty reassured me of the wonderful times we will be having on the coming days ahead as we explore the island of fire. 😉

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