Red Ribbon Cebu’s Crispy Chicken Meal, Chocolate Fudge Cake and Black Forrest Cake

Red Ribbon Bakeshop
Ever since Red Ribbon Bakeshop opened it’s doors in Cebu, their products never failed to delight me and my family. Every time we celebrate special occasions at home, we always buy our cakes from Red Ribbon. I can even remember the times where I had to line up during the holidays just to buy their cakes. That’s how popular their cakes are since they truly offer quality, great-tasting cakes.

Red Ribbon Bakeshop has a huge selection of cakes to choose from so you wouldn’t worry if someone from your family is allergic to chocolate or mango. In my case, my mom’s allergic to both so sometimes we buy 2 cakes from Red Ribbon to make sure she can eat her share of their yummy cakes. My personal favorite are Red Ribbon’s S’mores Chocolate Cake and their Chocolate Mousse. But their products are not limited to cakes too. They also sell pastries and meals. I super love their mango bars, cinnamon roll and mamon. As for meals, my favorites are their All-Beef Salisbury Steak and Honey-Glazed Pork Tocino.

So when I got an invite to try out Red Ribbon’s latest product offerings, I was really glad that I got to be one of the lucky few who was able to taste their new products. Ms. Abbey Tomas of protégé and Ms. Meyan Lim of Red Ribbon Cebu (VisMin) entertained us as we tried out their meals.

Red Ribbon Bakeshop Crispy Chicken Meal
Red Ribbon Bakeshop Crispy Chicken Meal

First, we got to try the Crispy Chicken Meal of Red Ribbon. The chicken is  marinated, battered and coated in seasoned flour before they are fried until they are crispy. And what makes this meal unique is the gravy that goes with it. The Crispy Chicken is served with a unique rich mango barbecue sauce with real mango bits. This tangy sauce is drizzled on the crunchy chicken portions beside a steaming cup of white rice. To complete your meal, you can order the Crispy Chicken with any of Red Ribbon’s classic cakes. Among the selections are their famous Black Forest Cake, Chocolate Fudge Cake, or the Dulce de Leche Cake.  Red Ribbon Bakeshop’s Crispy Chicken is available with a slice of Red Ribbon cake and 1 glass of drink for only P148.00 or ala carte for just P90.00.

a slice of Red Ribbon’s Chocolate Fudge Cake

As soon as we finished eating the Crispy Chicken, Red Ribbon’s staff immediately took our plates. And in less than a minute, we were served with a slice of their Chocolate Fudge Cake. For the past couple of weeks, my sweet tooth had been craving for cake and getting served with this Choco Fudge Cake from Red Ribbon was surely the answer to my cake cravings. The Chocolate Fudge Cake screamed, looked and tasted chocolate all over it and I simply love it!

Red Ribbon’s Chocolate Fudge Cake is available in Regular size for P495.00 and Junior size for only P295.00. This cake is also best paired with a cup of brewed coffee, freshly steeped tea or a warm glass of milk.

Red Ribbon Bakeshop Black Forrest Cake
a slice of Red Ribbon’s famous Black Forrest Cake

And when we thought that we could hardly breath properly with our stomach’s being full from the Crispy Chicken and the Chocolate Fudge Cake, the staff served us a slice of Red Ribbon’s Black Forrest Cake. Red Ribbon’s Black Forest Cake is one of the first cakes that debuted on its shelves when it opened its first branch in 1978 at Tomas Morato, Quezon City. The Black Forest Cake is made up of three layers of chocolate cake, cherries, and cream, swathed and topped with another helping of cream and then garnished with chocolate shavings and cherries. I simply couldn’t resist this one too. It was a long time since I last tasted one and I was surprised at how light the cake was. I didn’t find it hard consuming the whole thing despite being full from the other 2 servings. Red Ribbon’s Black Forrest Cake is available in Regular size for P590.00 and a Junior size for only P370.00

Red Ribbon Bakeshop Counter at Cocomall Red Ribbon Cocomall cake shelves
Red Ribbon’s counter and cake shelves

Red Ribbon Cebu’s Cocomall branch sports a new look and more space for their customers who are dining in. Red Ribbon Mango Avenue will soon open too to cater to more customers who simply couldn’t resist getting the best Red Ribbon experience. So watch out for this new store as it will open beside One Mango Avenue Arcade, across National Bookstore.

Bloggers at Red Ribbon Cocomall Red Ribbon cake box
bloggers and our take home cakes

Before we left the Red Ribbon branch in Cocomall, they surprised us by giving each one of us a box of their Chocolate Fudge Cake to bring home to our families.

I really had a great time tasting Red Ribbon Cebu’s Crispy Chicken Meal, Chocolate Fudge Cake and Black Forrest Cake. I also had a great time meeting other bloggers and catching up with old friends too. Thank you Red Ribbon Cebu!

You might want to check out Red Ribbon stores nationwide to get a dose of your cake cravings or to simply eat their yummy meals. Red Ribbon Bakeshop also delivers your favorite meals and cakes. You can call their phone number at (02) 8-7777 for free delivery within Metro Manila and for Cebu residents, you can call (032) 254-8000. You can also visit their website at

Special thanks to Ed and his Nikon D80 for the photos, to Xerxes, Abbey and Meyan for the invitation! 😉


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