Are You Ready to Get Rich? Invest Like A Pro with Fitz Villanueva!

Three days ago, my friend Wena asked me if it is better to invest in time deposits or through insurance companies. I really have little information on these things and I’m no authority when it comes to discussing financial investments. With her inquiry, I would have immediately answered that investing my money on insurance companies would be the best option because based on what I know, you gain so little when you invest your money in time deposits.

But I’m not an expert. I want my friend to get a well-informed opinion. It’s a good thing though that there are investor experts like Fitz Villafuerte whom I always rely upon when situations like this happen. So without hesitating, I immediately told my friend to make sure she read ALL the articles she find useful in Fitz’ financial blog – the successful Ready to be Rich blog. I even helped her identify some useful articles I found on the website which could easily help her understand how other bank investments work better than time deposits. When I showed her the article entitled “An Update on My BDO EIP Peso Balanced Fund Investment”, she immediately took interest at how big Fitz profited from his investment as compared to settling with time deposits.

And as I skimmed through the articles on the blog for posts that piqued my interest, I realized that one has to have a definite goal when investing. Investing is not as easy as just picking an entity to throw your money at. It would help a lot to be informed and identify your goals. This will help you maximize the profits you’ll be earning once you pick the right investment options.

When I learned that Fitz Villafuerte will be holding a whole-day seminar-workshop to teach people how to invest wisely and invest like a pro, I was happy to know that this initiative will help other folks how to become financially independent, which I think everyone should aim at.

Investing Like a Pro

As a financial expert and one of the Philippines’ leading expert in investing, Fitz Villafuerte will facilitate a whole-day intensive seminar that will teach people like you and me how to invest properly and make money grow.

financial expert in the philippines

iNewMedia Academy organized this special event in Cebu, which will happen on August 9, 2014 from 9am up to 5pm at the Diamond Suites and Residence. To register, click this link.

Why you should attend the event

  • To get a sound foundation on the concepts and principles of investing to help you become a more discerning investor
  • To understand the different asset classes for investing so you know better where to put your money
  • To compute returns, future values, and other key numbers in order for you to know if you’re buying and selling at the right price
  • To develop an investment portfolio so you can start applying what you will learn right after the workshop

To be honest, I’m really not into this – investing and stuff. Heck, I don’t even have any savings at all. I only rely on the money that’s inside my wallet. If it doesn’t have anything, and I did have my fair share of that, I automatically transform into this super sad and depressed person.

But I’ve had enough. I’m tired of the agony of not knowing where to get money to finance my vanity, which is mainly travel and food trips. I know that I need to make smart decisions now that I’m not getting any younger; that I have to think of my future too.

This is the reason why I’m taking this step to attend this seminar (again this is soooo not me) because I want to be informed. I want to know the best options to take in order to properly plan how I should spend and invest my money wisely.

I strongly believe that Fitz Villafuerte’s financial seminar will help me become a better spender and a better investor.

You should join too and let’s start getting rich!

For more registration details, visit this link:

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