rambling on

hmmmm… I hadn’t felt this in a long time. But while i was driving my way to work, my mind started popping out ideas on what i needed to write and such. I guess this was the feeling i had experienced when i started blogging. The only difference back then was that I was committed to my work full time. But recently and after attending the Cebu Blog Camp, my mind became clearer on what i had to do. In fact, proof to this new found passion was my renewed interest in making the other domain I own go live. It has been dormant for the last year and I was paying for it without using it. But due to certain events that happened over the past couple of weeks, it made me rethink my options. The only thing thats keeping me from making a drastic change were financial issues. But no guts no glory right? I wish I can keep this level of momentum forever or until I finally make my decision. There’s actually more pressing issues to address, including other people’s but I realized I should start thinking of myself and stop acting nice for one moment. Otherwise, I might regret everything in the end.

Oh, by the way, am blogging from my phone so pardon my grammar and spelling and punctuation if there’s any. Will edit probably when I get home. For now, I’ll be in zombie mode.

Borrowing Cecille’s quote: CARPE DIEM!

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