Python on the loose!

Yes and no. Yes it’s a python, an albino python that is. And no, it’s not out in the wild.

We actually went to visit Crocolandia today and on top of seeing different animals, we got the chance to hold a python. Waaaaaaa!!! I’d say that it’s really one scary and daring move coming from someone like me. Never in my wildest dreams have I thought of holding a live snake! I always have a thing for snakes. I don’t like them and I’d feel goosebumps all over on the mere sight of one. But when I saw Ed, EJ and a couple of Bio students from CNU holding the python, I said to myself “What the heck!” and next thing I knew, I was touching the skin of the python.

Then EJ and Ed took turns in carrying the python and when I saw that the albino python was harmless, I decided to carry it too.

I couldn’t really explain what I felt. I was shrieking from the weird feeling. The python’s head kept moving and I couldn’t stand its movements. Had to squeal from time to time and kept asking them to remove it from my body. Aaargh! It was such a spine-tingling experience. Since the python’s head was moving at my back, I couldn’t help think that it’d swallow my head any moment. Hahaha

Learning how to swim on my own, check!

Holding and carrying a python, check!

So far, this has beaten my record of unexpected things to do before I kick the bucket. I wonder what’s next. LOL


  1. ahak na feel na nako ang has sa akong panit… eeeee
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  2. Great job doii! 😀 next kay ride Lapu-lapu 😛
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  3. Bryan Karl says

    Hahaha I don’t know if I’d dare to hold that python. Good that you tried too. 🙂

    • yeah, i’m glad i did. its harmless man but you still can’t remove the fear once you’re carrying the python. hehehe

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