Street Food : Pungkô-Pungkô

After our short trip to MV Doulos, we only had one thing in mind. Food! My companions were already hungry and when asked where they want to eat, they all agreed to eat at the “pungkô-pungkô” place near JY Square.

“Pungkô” means to sit down in the local dialect. Normally, people just sit at small benches or stools as foods are served either on baskets or low tables. This is a common street food in Cebu and their best sellers includes ginabot (fried pig’s intestine) and ngohiong (its like shanghai rolls with bamboo shoots as its fillings) among other viands. And this wouldn’t be complete without Cebu’s famous “pusô” or hanging rice. Pusô is actually rice wrapped in coconut leaves.

Now this leads to the next question…How does one eat in “pungkô-pungkô” style?

Well, you’ll just be given a small bowl already wrapped with plastic and topped with chopped onions, tomato and chili. That’s where you’ll pour the vinegar sauce. Why wrapped in plastic? So that the vendors will be spared from washing the bowl. They just recycle it. Hahaha. Kidding! They don’t immediately recycle it. I think they just dip the bowls in a pail/basin filled with water and whala! Its good as clean! But I think some stalls doesn’t rinse it at all.

Are you still able to follow?

Alright, now the question with the plate and utensils. You get to eat it with your barehands! Actually its technically not bare since you can ask and use another plastic to protect your hands from the smell of the vinegar and all those greasy oil from all those fried foods. All the foods are presented right before your eyes. All you need to do is choose which ones you’ll eat. Make sure you keep track what you eat and the number of “pusô” you eat too!

Exactly how do you eat it? Well, you can hold the viand on your right hand and the rice on the other hand. Duh! Unless of course if your left-handed, then it’s the other way around, k?

Oh, I forgot! You can order soft drinks too! (before you choke to death ;-))

So after you’ve feasted on your ala buffet meal and before you take off, make sure to call the vendor and ask them to compute the food you ate. Then you pay, then you leave – with a heavy stomach of course and a big smile on your face. Why the smile? Because I bet you’ll be gloated after being famished and the amount you paid for all the food you consumed is really worth it!

You must try one!

A different place to eat “pungkô-pungkô” is at the Redemptorist Church, in Mango Avenue. I haven’t been there but a lot have said that they also serve yummy viands, especially the ginabot! There are also different varieties of street foods in Cebu.  Just check out the streets if you must!

Happy Eating!

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  1. what a fun way to enjoy street food! gusto ko man ma-pungko dinha! 😛 (i’m not cebuano but i picked up some words when i was in mindanao last month…hehe)

  2. hehehe.. you should try it faery! 🙂 its so cool! You should also try Siomai sa Tisa in Tisa, Labangon (the original place). They open as late as 4am or until they still have siomais to sell. ehehehe…

  3. Mmmmm…. yummy!

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