Preparing for Schengen Visa Application

I couldn’t believe the fact that I almost went on a trip to Europe. When my friend mentioned that it was easy to apply for a Schengen visa in Bangkok and that he would help us, I didn’t hesitate. I have always wanted to go to Europe. So when an opportunity opened to travel there, I immediately grabbed it.

When applying for a Schengen visa, my friend said that we need to make sure all our documents are complete. Otherwise, the embassy will not accept it. They will immediately decline your application.

In our case, all we needed to do was to book our stay on the places that we will visit in the Schengen area. We had to present everything to the embassy. We planned to visit Netherlands, Italy, Belgium and Ireland. When booking for our accomodations, we looked for cheap hotels on those countries. And we had to present the documents to the embassy to show proof of our bookings.

When the sister of my friend learned of this, she got excited. She lives in Scotland now. She mentioned that I should also process a Scotland visa so that I can visit her. She said that has some Edinburgh hotels which would suit our travel budget. I was really happy when I learned of this. But I had to make a separate visa application for this one though and I was really hopeful that all will go as planned.

Once we had our hotel accommodations settled, we had to pay a certain fee on one of the branches of the Bank of Ayudhya so that we can make reservations for our appearance at the Dutch embassy.

We also had to reserve round trip air fares at any travel agency in Bangkok. We needed to pay for a travel insurance too which will correspond to the number of days we will stay in Europe. Getting a travel insurance when you travel to Europe is mandatory. Otherwise, your visa application won’t get approved.

photo credit: johnmueller

Those were some of the major information we need to present when we started processing our visa application to gain entry to the countries covered by the Schengen Agreement. We didn’t have the chance to complete our visa application though because we met some road blocks along the way.

The good thing with this experience was that it made me realize that it was not that hard to file a visa application to travel to those countries if you have enough funds to cover up for your travel expenses.

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