Postrio’s Hot Chocolate

Went to Postrio at the Banilad Town Center (BTC) with Wena to work on some pending tasks. Since she’s a fan of hot chocos, she ordered Postrio’s Hot Chocolate (sikwate). When they served the drink, we were surprised at what they served on our table πŸ˜†

we ordered Hot Chocolate and they gave us TABLEA πŸ˜†

In a glass were 4 round objects which resembled flat chocolate tablets. I was convinced it was chocolate (or so I thought) but turned out its tablea (cocoa tablets). Then my friend started pouring milk (of course, after I took pictures of it πŸ˜† ) and I started stirring the milk to melt the tablea. I had to make sure that everything was melted. It wasn’t easy melting the tablets. You had to press it to the glass’ sides and melt it using the spoon then had to stir it a couple more times. As soon as you think that everything’s melted and you’d stop stirring it, the unmelted ones either stay in the bottom or float on top. You’ll see a curdled formation on top but that’s how it works. So you just drink the hot chocolate with those curdled “sikwate”. I forgot Wena’s reply when I asked her what’s her verdict of her Hot Chocolate πŸ˜‰

This surely is one unique way of serving Hot Chocolates. Never seen anything like it before. Only at Postrio’s! πŸ˜†

Oh, Postrio has free wi-fi and charging is free up to 3 hours. ISP: Globelines. If my guess is right, Postrio at BTC is by far the biggest Postrio branch in Cebu.

Another story coming up is how I came to drink Illy Brewed Coffee at Postrio when I just requested for brewed coffee. This experience has it’s own story to tell too (am not too happy but not mad either). Later!

Store Hours: 8am – 10pm Mon – Thu and Sat-Sun, 8am – 11pm on Fridays

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