Postcards from all over

The other day, I received a couple of postcards from all over. I joined over a year ago, i think, and when I find the time, I send out postcards. In turn, I also receive postcards from strangers πŸ™‚

Here’s an instant favorite!

from Netherlands – wishing that’s me standing there…tsk tsk tsk

Here’s a couple more postcards. Some were simply pictures or cards mailed to me.

from USA

from Estonia

from Russia

Here’s some of the stamps I used to send the postcards last March.

I personally liked the stamps showing the Chocolate Hills as I received a similar stamp from one of my “blogger pals” (check out the story here). When I went to the post office, this was the only stock they had. They used to had stamps showing different tourist destinations in the Philippines but all were sold. It was really an effort for me to make the trip to our main Post Office since it’s too far from my place and there’s heavy traffic in that area during peak hours. But I may be planning another trip there as soon as I ran out of stamps. The post office near our area uses metered stamps, which explains my need to look for Philatelic stamps somewhere else.

I really find this an expensive hobby. Aside from paying for the postcards, I also have to buy these stamps. The problem is that I couldn’t help myself from getting one or two of each kind as I find some of them cute. My last trip to the post office? I spent more that Php500! Yikes! I really wanted to return some of it but I’m too embarrassed to do so as I already told the lady in the post office thatΒ  I’d be buying the items I selected. hehehe

What I don’t like is our selections of postcards here in the Philippines. They focus too much on showcasing tourist destinations in the country that I end up not getting much option. If I were to decide, I’d say I’d put up my own postcard business so that there’d be wide selections of postcards to choose from, just like the post card on top, where you have a lady standing in a lavender farm. *sigh*


  1. doy question, how much do you usually spend on sending a postcard say europe? anyhow, i also like the lady in lavender field. doy do you want us to replicate the postcard ikaw ang model, ngita lang ta place na naa flowers hehehhe

    • Hi Cille! πŸ˜€
      It’s only 14 pesos to mail it anywhere in the globe. πŸ™‚ Then the postcard would cost around Php12-50.
      Hahaha.. ikaw nalang ang mag model with the flowers then I’ll take your picture! LOL

  2. Hi po. Medyo bago ako sa pagse-send ng postcards. Ask ko lang po, is it better if from the main post office ipadala ung postcards or will any satellite office ng philpost do? Thanks in advance. =)

  3. Hi Bing!

    Thanks for dropping by the site. I guess it doesn’t matter. You can drop your postcards at any Post Office. πŸ™‚

    Happy Postcrossing! πŸ™‚

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