Post Halloween

I am so busy right now which could attribute to the lack of entries on this website. I have not been getting the much needed sleep I’m supposed to get on a daily basis  but since I am juggling with on and offline jobs, I have to pay the price.

Oh, and to give you a heads up, my PC is still not working. I heard from my mom that my bro is coming home for the holidays so I am hoping that he can look at it and have it fixed ASAP. I hope the costs of having it repaired is just cheap, otherwise, I may ask funds from my ma or perhaps convince them to buy me a new desktop 😆

So to keep this site up-to-date, I checked out my phone’s gallery to see what pictures I took  for the past days so that I can post it here  and share it with you guys. While browsing, I saw this picture which I took last Halloween’s eve (10/30/09) – is there such a thing? Halloween’s eve?  😆   I was on my way to work and parked the car a few meters away  from our building to avoid paying for parking fees. I had to walk past a vacant lot near our building which had an open affair for the Halloween celebration. Then I saw this guy trying to spray paint over a huge canvas which was set up at the entrance of the somewhat like concert. I wanted to take a picture of him so badly but my shyness won over so I continued to walk and head to the office. Lyn and I went back to the spot to check out the finished artwork and this was what greeted us.

Halloween art

Halloween portrait

Right there and then, I realized the mistake I made. I regret not taking a picture of the huge canvas when plain white cloth was still showing on most parts of the big frame.  The guy was a genius, a real artist, I could say. Coming up with this artwork outright, using spray paint, was really something. Nicely done! I so envy his talent! hehehe

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