Planning the trip to Caramoan

Last April 30th, we discovered that PAL was offering a P792 roundtrip fare from Cebu to Manila and when I informed Ed of this, he immediately thought of going to Caramoan. Although I have no money, I was still game since I know I will be able to withdraw my Google Payout on the 1st week of June. We texted a couple of people and only Meryl replied to the invite. So the three of us immediately booked the trip to Manila immediately since the promo fare was for a limited time only. The scheduled trip was for June 12th to June 15th. When I went to Donnie’s place last May 2nd, I invited him, Odyssa and Cecille. Donnie and Ody agreed to go with us and when I went back to Cebu the unofficial number of people going has already reached 10. However, as the day of the trip got nearer, the number dwindled. And 2 weeks before the trip, the number were down to 4. Since Donnie thought that an overnight stay in Naga is not worth the money he will spend for the trip, he backed out. We have a different time zone than what Donnie is accustomed to. If for him, Thursday was the ideal time to leave Manila for Naga, to us, it was a Friday. That may probably be the reason why our schedules didn’t match. So it was back to the three of us.

Donnie has been communicating with Yunan Reyes of YuNan’s TrAvel @ Tour Site since the plan of the trip was conceived. But after ming boggling changes in the number of people going for the trip, I finally contacted him to check how much it would cost us to avail of his tour packages considering that there were only 3 of us. I really find his tour packages very affordable compared to the other sites I have checked online. Then the next problem came. Just days before our departure, Meryl told us she won’t be joining since she has no budget and her mom won’t allow her to travel. I really thought at that time that we were screwed. I had to cancel all planned arrangements I made with our contacts for the tour because it would really be costly if we’d avail of a tour package considering that it’d be me and Ed alone. What we considered was just going there on our own and finding our way through travelling in Caramoan.

Then out of nowhere, Ed informs me that our other colleague, Rich, will be joining us. I was relieved to hear of this good news since we’d have someone to share our expenses. Then 2 nights before the trip, I saw Meryl in our pantry and she apologized that she can’t join us. She then asked me what’s in Caramoan and my eyes widened at the question. I immediately said “How could you refuse going to Caramoan when you don’t even know what’s in there?” I immediately asked her to search and browse everything about Caramoan just in case she might change her mind. And luckily she did. I really find the situation funny. A lot have backed out of the trip but I was really glad that we still pushed through with our backpacking adventure. I was even worried that the weather will stop us from going there since it was constantly raining in Cebu.

I tried to contact another local tour guide recommended from a website we visited and he mentioned that the weather in Caramoan was perfect. He agreed to meet us even at such short notice. He also made arrangements for us to stay at Villa Juliana, the cheapest place where we rested for 2 nights in Caramoan.

Oh, since we also thought that paying 5k for the whole trip is so expensive when it’ll just be an overnight stay in Caramoan, we decided to extend one more day for our trip. This meant booking another ticket going back to Cebu. Since we were having issues with booking online through PAL, we booked our tickets through Cebu Pacific for June 16th. So instead of us paying P792 for the trip, we ended paying P2,000 instead. Nevertheless, everything was worth it!


  1. yunan reyes says

    mam sana po pag na visit nyo ulit manila and planned another tour up norht wag nyong kalimutan name ko thanks po

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