Planning for my European Dream

Ever since I got hooked at watching period films when I was still in college, I have developed this dream of travelling to Europe. I wanted to see the different castles that surround Europe. I wanted to know what it’s like to stroll down the huge gardens from the 1993 film The Secret Garden. I wanted to know how eerie it would feel when I pass by the empty bedrooms or hallways of those huge houses.

When I saw the movie Mama Mia, I envisioned myself to be living in Greece. I also wanted to visit the place on the Mediterranean coast where the 1957 movie An Affair to Remember was filmed. Being a beach bum, I know that the Balearic Islands is a great place to satisfy my adventurous side. Makes me wonder though if that was where the movie An Affair to Remember was filmed since it was never mentioned on the film where Cary Grant and Deborah  Kerr stopped over on their way to New York.

I know that I need to carefully lay out all the details of my future trip and plan it out well to estimate the money I would need to prepare for such endeavour. I have to even consider the costs of travelling to those destinations. I know the expenses for transportation will be something I have to prepare too since it is not that cheap to travel around Europe.

The good thing is that the Balearic Islands (Islas Baleares) are quite a common and popular destination in Europe. Mallorca and Ibiza are the super famous ones. But Menorca is extremely beautiful and I guess the best option to move around and reach the best beaches is to look for a car hire in Menorca. When I get there, I’ll definitely look up the beaches. I also know that there’s a beautiful place in the area where one can kayak. There are inaccessible bays in there where kayaking is the only way to explore them. I even saw this hidden beach with crystal clear waters, which is very inviting.

Photo credit: Eusebio

I know I have the most expensive dream travel destination. For someone living in a third world country, I had to double my efforts in order to fulfill my dream of travelling to Europe and exploring all the beautiful off-the-beaten paths there. I know there’s so much to explore.

I already started to lay out my plans. Hopefully in 2-3 year’s time, I’d accomplish this dream. I’m praying that I’d complete my plans ahead of time so that I can take off and start invading European destinations soon. 😉

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