the color PINK

I’ll never look at pink the same way again thanks to my friend Reena! She’s so addicted to the color pink. When we went roaming around the streets of Bangkok, she saw a pink building with a boutique named Pink and she really forced me to take a picture of the building. Then there’s all of those collectibles that she acquired, obviously with pink colors. Her latest item? A pink mechanical pencil with pink lead! It really amazes me how she finds these stuff. Now, everytime I get inside shops, I am addicted to look for pink stuff either to show her or buy one for her collections. I even saw this pink cosmetology book. Haay, wherever I go and see the color pink I see Reena. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


  1. My Pink Shoelace says

    amaw ka doi doi!!! hahaha giapil-apil tka sa akong ka addict sa pink weeeeeeeeeee

  2. mao jud! ana!

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