Photo Sessions with USP Law Students

Last Saturday, Ed got an invitation from our colleague to take pictures of the USP College of Law’s Acquaintance Party and Honoring of New Lawyers. Ed asked me to tag along. So I did. I enjoyed taking pictures of the event using Audrey’s cam since I don’t have one.

I was a newbie at occasions like this. I had to ask Ed a couple of times to help me tweak the settings of the Canon EOS 450D. I couldn’t figure out how that one works. I am more familiar with using Ed’s cam, which is a Nikon D80. In the end, I gave up and switched cams with Ed. I’m glad I did. Otherwise, my presence there would be put to waste. hehehe.

I’m hoping I get to go to more events like the one we attended last Saturday. Not only was I able to hone my skills at taking pictures but I got to meet new friends. Also got 1 bottle of The Bar Strawberry flavor too! LOL

P.S. To Audrey, thanks for lending me your cam. I hope you can join us whenever there’s gonna be a next time 🙂

Will share some wacky pictures we took on the next post…

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