It’s funny to hear those words again. I couldn’t recall the last time I was referred to as someone like that. I think that was way back in college.

Earlier, my friend told me that I am one, a perfectionist. I’m not really sure if I am. I just want everything to be detailed and neat as possible. I’m just meticulous and inquisitive. That may be the reason why I was thought of one. I’ also want to please people. Maybe this explains my meticulous side.

Honestly, I also have flaws but this doesn’t stop my mouth from saying what I think out loud, even if it’s not nice. I really admit that I have a sharp tongue, especially for commenting on a lot of stuff. Actually, I’m really not a good talker. I believe that I have to read an entire dictionary fore me to expand my vocabulary. So, to state things in the most simple way, I’d use simple terms. You want an example? One of my close friends in college left me a message in friendster saying this…

“…she’s a top-class reality checker..she always have this different take on things.. most times, it will dampen your enthusiasm but then again what comes out of her mouth makes utmost sense.. imagine her telling me point blank “Cille bati kay ka hair. ang mga bati ug hair wala’y K magpataas-taas” (you hair doesn’t look nice. People who don’t have nice hair don’t have the right to wear it long. **is this translation correct? LOL) hehhe yap, that’s our doi.”

So there goes…what my friend mostly said were true. But swear! I really couldn’t remember saying that to her bout her hair. But I guess time changes. I can say that more often now without the guilt. Does that mean I’m mean?

Wait, what was I saying? Oh! On being a perfectionist…right! Uhmmm.. I  think I’m not.


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